Weathered Farmhouse Rug Hooking on Burlap


It has seen a fair share of harvests but it’s still standing. Maybe you know some homes like that.This package has everything you need to complete this rug:

  • A hand drawn pattern on burlap.
  • All the wool cloth strips and textures you need to complete the kit.
  • A rug hook.
  • A colour key to tell you what colours go where.
  • A colour picture of the completed rug.
  • An illustrated set of instructions.

***If you don't have a hoop to hook your kit on, you will need a beginner 10" hoop.

This kit makes a great wall hanging, table mat, or pillow once it is hooked.

Please note this kit is handmade with hand-dyed wool cloth and textures so colours and textures will vary.

    Estimated Completion Time: 1-3 Hours

    "My first kit was 18 by 30, and I finished it in a week! I was so excited. I have designed all of these kits so you can teach yourself, even if you are a beginner. We choose our hand-dyed and specialty colours carefully so your kit will look as much like the picture as possible. We add plenty of wool, but should you run short of anything or need some help with instructions, you can just email us to help you. We want you to finish your rug & love rug hooking as much as we do." - Deanne