Vonda Hazzard (she/her)
Owner & Operator 
Hello! I'm so excited you're here and actually interested enough to read all about us. I spent the first half of my career as a clergy member and after 20 years serving the church I was ready for a career change. Serving our community in this new way has been such a wild journey! I have a deep love of coffee, fancy drinks and cozy cafes. I love that NovelTea feels like a second home and even an extended family to many people in Truro. I'm naturally introverted so meaningful relationships and quality time with friends is very important to me. In my down time a walk in the woods with my daughter and dog which helps to keep my mental health on track (often while listening to a true crime podcast). Family trips with my husband Keith, daughter Taylor, son Nathan, and daughter-in-law Mariah at a Maritime AirBnb, while discovering other cozy cafes is my dream vacation! I'd choose a local trip with my little family over an exotic vacation any day.
Keith Hazzard (He/Him)
NovelTea Creative Designer
NovelTea has been and continues to be a fascinating journey! I have enjoyed filling many roles over the past few years, from “World’s OK’est Barista” (I have a pin to prove it!) to the manager of our newest venture: NovelTea Bookstore & Gifts. I am the go-to guy for all the little jobs around here from purchasing supplies and maintaining equipment to building projects and cafe artwork. Every day is a bit different! It has been a pleasure getting to know our regular customers and their families as well as meeting visitors from all over the world. Truro has been an amazing community in which to work and grow our business!
Kevin Fifield (He/Him)
Assistant Manager, Coffee Extraordinaire

Hello, I'm Kevin: Family man. Nature lover. Coffee fan.
I have been enjoying the craft of making great coffee based drinks since 2018 (although I loved coffee before that).

I spend much of my time in the company of my wife, children and grandchildren, and my 2 dogs - preferably outside in or near the forest. My favorite drink is 2 shots of espresso, straight up!
Rebecca LaPointe (She/Her)
Strategic Planning & Marketing Manager

Hello my name is Rebecca and I am the Strategic Planning and Marketing Manager at NovelTea. 

I love music, daily yoga, going for walks with Flicker, my Havenese puppy, spending time with my husband and 2 boys, and coming up with new and exciting ideas for NovelTea!

I feel so fortunate to be working with Vonda, one of the most amazing business owners I have ever met. As marketing, social media, organization and business are 4 of my favourite things, I wake up each morning looking forward to going to work and doing what I love.

Mariah Hazzard
Wholesale Manager


Brent Peters
Assistant. Bookstore Manager


Our Support Team

We also have an amazing support team of baristas, cafe assistants, bakers, and retail experts. If you're interested in being part of our team drop a resume off at either location!