J. Herbin Black Round Glass Pen


Herbin's Tapered Glass Dip Pens are beautifully made from coloured glass, each one individually hand-crafted and entirely unique. Tiny grooves on the nib ensure several lines of writing before having to dip again.

Glass pens are often purchased for decorative reasons, unsurprisingly given their beautiful colours and variations, but these are also great to use. While glass might not be our first thought when we think of writing, these are a surprisingly comfortable and enjoyable tool to write with.

Best for use with fountain pen ink. Also suitable for use with calligraphy ink but some thicker inks might need watering down for use on the dip pen – if the ink is too thick it won’t flow and will blob on the page instead.

Sharpen nib with fine sandpaper (Herbin recommend grade 400).

About Herbin:

The oldest name in ink production worldwide, J. Herbin was established in 1670 creating inks and sealing waxes for many famous French figures including King Louis XIV (The Sun King) and Victor Hugo (author of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and "Les Miserables").

While they are most famous for the quality of their inks, J. Herbin also offer a range of pens and accessories, including some unusual rollerballs that use fountain pen ink, and traditional blotting paper.