Pavlov's Dog Finger Puppet


The great physiologist Ivan Pavlov conditioned dogs to associate food with the ringing of a bell. Whenever he rang the bell, the dogs would begin to drool as if they had actually seen food. He immediately realized the significance of this breakthrough. "I can get dogs to drool whenever I so desire!" he exclaimed to his assistant Unfortunately, his efforts to create useful products from canine saliva fell well short of expectations. Thankfully, though, Pavlov's experiments with "conditioned reflexes" made him quite famous. And now, thanks to the Pavlov's Dog Finger Puppet, you can put on puppet shows recreating those famous experiments. The puppet is about 3 1/2" tall and has a magnet built in, so you can also use him as a refrigerator magnet. (Warning: You may grow to associate the puppet with the fridge, and salivate every time you play with it.)