Wool Shark Hand Puppet, Baby and Toddler Montessori Toy


Cate and Levi is a Canadian, Eco Friendly Company.

Don’t let those big teeth fool you - this is a friendly shark puppet!

One of the popular handmade hand puppets from Cate and Levi, our shark puppet is an eco-friendly children’s toy that promotes creativity and improves hand-eye coordination, all while keeping kids entertained.

Handmade in Canada by a family-owned business, this shark puppet will help bring storytelling to life through sensory play. The wool handmade hand puppets from Cate and Levi are made from reclaimed vintage sweater material that is pieced together to make one of a kind designs.

The sustainable methods and materials used by our craftspeople result in eco-friendly sock puppets that are as unique as every child.

Shark Puppet Features:

Size: 12" (30.5 cm) tall

Fits adults and children

Materials: Made from premium reclaimed wool 

Care: Machine wash warm,