When the Owl Calls Your Name - Alan Syliboy


When the Owl Calls Your Name

  Author:   Alan Syliboy    
  Publisher:  Nimbus Publishing Limited


“The Owl Song” by Alan Syliboy & the Thundermakers is now a gorgeously illustrated book for all ages, exploring Mi’kmaw spirituality, life and death.

They say when the Owl calls your name
that the Creator is calling you home.

And when the owl comes to you,
he sits and waits until your final breath.
Then your journey begins.

From bestselling author Alan Syliboy (Mi’kmaw Daily Drum, Wolverine and Little Thunder, The Thundermaker) comes a beautiful new book exploring spirituality, mortality and grieving. An illustrated extended version of his popular song “The Owl Song,” it features imagery inspired by his band Alan Syliboy & The Thundermakers’ performance material and an author’s note on Mi’kmaw tradition and Syliboy’s own personal experiences with death. This book for all ages is a poignant depiction of what might happen when the Owl calls your name, and you begin your journey home to the ancestors.