What Does Baby See? Flash Cards Value Pack (Set of 4)


This high-contrast flash card set will help Baby's eyes learn to focus and track, aiding visual development as Baby grows. Each card deck in this set of 4 adds color and complexity to coordinate with the progressive stages of infant brain/eye development.

Set is designed to complement key baby developmental stages from 0 to 12 months.

BABY'S WORLD (0-3 months): 36 flash cards with simple black-and-white images perfect for newborns' vision.

A WHOLE NEW WORLD (3-5 months): 36 flash cards with detailed black-and-white pictures to delight babies as their eyesight sharpens.

COLOR MY WORLD (5-8 months): 36 flash cards with bright hues amuse babies as they explore colour vision. 

WILD WORLD (8-12 months and beyond): Meet a zoo of animals with this full-colour, 36-card deck.

Boxed set contains a total of 144 flash cards and 216 illustrations! High-contrast picture cards will delight, entertain, and enhance visual learning throughout a baby's first year.