Unicorn Prism Suncatcher Window Cling


Approx 3"x6" Canadian Made based in Vaudreuil-Dorion.

Add colour to your room with this boho, minimalist window cling! Stick it to a window that gets direct light, and watch as the rainbows pour in for a few hours per day.

It applies with water and contains no adhesives, so it is renter-friendly and perfect for dorms. The fact that it is durable, pliable vinyl means it cannot be broken, so if you have tiny, curious hands around (or paws!) it will remain in tact, and can even be reapplied endlessly. This makes it perfect for a boho nursery, neutral kids room, living room, or greenhouse. Your plants are gonna look so great when they're decorated in rainbows. And no, the fact that the window will be partially covered does not affect the light being brought in so your plant babies will still get all the food they need!

West-facing windows = evening rainbows

East-facing windows = morning rainbows

South-facing windows = mid-day rainbows

North-facing windows = not recommended