TIMEMORE Electric Grinder GO



Timemore designs and manufactures high-quality products with a focus on ease-of-use and affordability. With the Grinder GO line, they have used their knowledge and expertise in coffee grinding to create a unique, portable, rechargeable, electric solution for high-quality coffee grinding on the go.

Equipped with the high-precision burrs found in Timemore hand grinders, the Grinder GO offers the same, reliable, grind uniformity and the convenience of battery operation in a quiet, compact package. The Grinder Go burr set feature Timemore's Spike-to-Cut principle, allowing for secondary cutting while grinding. When paired with its superior stabilization system and a fines-reducing burr rotation of only 80 RPM, the Grinder GO achieves consistent particle uniformity, giving you a clean brew.

Enhancing the Grinder GO is a smart Auto-Swing tech which detects clogged burrs and rotates them back and forth three times, dislodging the clog, before returning to normal, forward rotation. This protective feature reduces mechanical stress and extends the lifespan of both the motor and burr set.

Keep it plugged in on your countertop or desk for a convenient grinding and brewing experience throughout the day.

  • CNC Cut HRC58 Sharp Stainless Steel Burr Set
  • Titanium-Coated Stainless Steel Burr Set in Advance Model
  • Dual Bearing Concentric Burr Shaft Stabilization
  • Grinder Capacity: ~15g
  • Glass Grinds Cup Capacity: 60g
  • Height: 200mm
  • Diameter: 86mm
  • Weight: 660g
  • Materials: PCTG, ABS, PP, Glass, Stainless Steel
  • Charging Port: USB TYPE-C