The Way I Feel by Susan White


Ginny Collins has never run away from anything — not her complicated family of origin, and not her lonely marriage. But when an old postcard falls out of her mother-in-law’s photo album, Ginny is overtaken with the need to do just that.

Ginny quickly packs up a suitcase and camping trailer and drives away from her grown children, her forty-year marriage to a husband who can’t even heat up his own fries. As the miles fall away behind her, she starts to examine everything she’s held true. Is the life she’s living the only one available to her? Are the dreams she cast aside long ago still waiting to be realized? When she leaves her home behind, will she also be able to shed her unhappiness and regrets? Ginny’s impulsive decision begins a search she never anticipated, and she starts to uncover the truth she’s worked so hard to ignore.

The Way I Feel is a powerful exploration of women’s longing for more.

Susan White was born in New Brunswick and as a teenager her family moved to the Kingston Peninsula and she only left long enough to earn her BA and BEd at St. Thomas University in Fredericton. She and her husband raised four children and ran a small farm while she taught elementary school. Since retiring she is grateful to now have the time to work on her writing. She is the author of When the Hill Came Down, Waiting for Still Water, Maple Sugar Pie and five middle-grade novels, including, Skyward and the Ann Connor Brimer Award winning novel The Year Mrs. Montague Cried.


ISBN associated with this title: 9781773661193
Item AC0215
Publisher Acorn Press
Publisher Acorn Press
Published on May 16 2023
Language eng
Pages 280
Format Paperback
Dimensions 8.25(in) x 5.75(in)
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