Soothe Cleansing Grains for Sensitive Skin


With a few drops of water, this powder-to-lather cleanser transforms from a silky powder into a light creamy lather, gently buffing away dead skin cells while soothing irritated and sensitive skin with calming turmeric, healing lavender powder, soothing oats and marsh mallow root. Gentle enough for daily face cleansing or can be incorporated into your skincare routine as a light exfoliation when desired. 

*vegan, *preservative-free, *soap-free, *pH-balanced. Perfect for camping and travel!

Natural Scent

A light floral blend of healing lavender essential oil and clary-sage essential oil

Made in New Minus, NS.

About Verv Skin:

Our gentle products feature potent botanicals, nourishing oils and original aromas from pure essential oils. We prioritize certified organic ingredients and unrefined plant oils as they offer offer maximum benefits for the skin. We handcraft all our products in small batches for freshness and potency. They are cruelty-free, safe for sensitive skin and free from synthetic colours and fragrances.