Sissiboo Glacial Erratic - Medium Roast/Ethiopian


Roasted in Bear River, NS.

Medium Roast from Ethiopia, 454 gas

Find yourself standing out in a crowd, deviating from the normal in behaviour or opinions? Settling into an unexpected place? Sit back, relax and drink in a rock-solid coffee whose hefty but mellow, full-bodied taste stands out on the otherwise stark landscape.

Tasting Notes

  • Berries
  • Vanilla

Coffee Style

  • Delicate body
  • Mild and pleasant acidity

About Sissiboo:

"Roasting since 2009, we now have a small but mighty team of dedicated coffee aficionados. Our commitment to roasting you a superb cup of coffee is an expression of deep respect for our producers and clients. It acknowledges that a bridge can exist between the rural economies of coffee farmers around the world and those of rural Canada."