Seed Packet & Cocktail Recipe - Edible Flowers (Charm)


Hand-drawn and printed on premium cardstock, each seed packet features a to/from and custom message area on the back along with an explanation of the floriography meaning behind the botanical for the perfect thoughtful, all-in-one gift.

Seeds are sourced sustainably from partners in Canada, and all seeds are organic / non-GMO. Packaged in Halifax, NS.

EDIBLE FLOWERS // CHARM Tagetes tenuifolia • ANNUAL Viola cornuta • BIENNIAL Lavandula angustifolia • PERENNIAL Just as a charming person’s presence can captivate others, the vibrant colours and delicate grace of edible flowers can captivate the senses. Adding an element of sophistication to any experience, these can be used as the perfect garnish to brighten any dish or cocktail. May this blend of lavender, marigold and pansy flowers elevate and transform your everyday moments into something truly special and memorable.

Seed mix inside includes: Lavender, Lemon Gem Marigold, Pansy. Contains a cocktail recipe trading card inside!

PLEASE NOTE: Seeds cannot ship to the USA from our location.