J. Herbin Pigmented Silver Ink


The Herbin brand, created in 1670 in Paris, is a guarantee of exceptional quality products at the service of your writing. Pigment ink contains pigments of organic origin. Their molecules are larger than those of traditional inks which makes them more resistant to light and humidity. It is preferably used with a feather large enough to facilitate the passage of pigments. Suitable for using the tank felt, pen, brush, quill pen and pen holder. The pigments settle, dry and stick to the paper without penetrating it, which gives your drawings a very particular style reinforced by the use of dark paper. Bottle delivered in a resalable cardboard box for easy storage. The pigmented ink also enables a wide choice of tones and gradients to be obtained with precision. Made in France. Convenient: Bottle ink reduces environmental impact by generating less waste than disposable cartridges or pens.
  • Decorative ink, best suited for wide nibs, brushes and calames
  • High pigment content; gold and silver inks contain actual metallic pigments (bottle needs to be shaken vigorously and frequently while using)
  • Jewel-like ink in four brilliant colors: opaque white, gold, silver and copper
  • Very effective on dark colored paper


About Herbin:

The oldest name in ink production worldwide, J. Herbin was established in 1670 creating inks and sealing waxes for many famous French figures including King Louis XIV (The Sun King) and Victor Hugo (author of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and "Les Miserables").

While they are most famous for the quality of their inks, J. Herbin also offer a range of pens and accessories, including some unusual rollerballs that use fountain pen ink, and traditional blotting paper.