Persuasion Inspired - Chamomile HERBAL NOVELTEA


Egyptian Chamomile Herbal Tea inspired by Jane Austen's Persuasion

Chamomile petals from the Delta Nile Region. Very aromatic with a fruity tending floral flavour. When life throws too many decisions at you it's best to sit and settle with a cuppa calming chamomile tea!

Ingredients: Chamomile Blossoms
Ingrédients: Fleurs de Camomille

Recommended steep time: 7 minutes
Temps d'infusion recommandé: 7 minutes

Mini Sized - 11gms
Full Sized - 33gms
Case of 50 Tiny Teas: BULK ORDERS - Contact us for bulk orders over 50 tiny tea packages (great for wedding favours, gift bags, etc.). Orders over 50 or more of the same flavour will have a discounted price.

Lit Lovers Black Label Tea Collection
Proudly blended and packaged in Truro, Nova Scotia.