Nova Coffee

Maker Nova Coffee

Available in 454g (1lb) whole bean. We can grind your coffee upon request.

Black Dog Espresso (NovelTea's Signature Espresso)

  • Medium/Dark Roast
  • Fair Trade Organic
  • Peruvian, Guatemalan, Ethiopian & Mexican
  • Excellent for both espresso or brewed coffee
  • Flavour notes: fruit, nuts, chocolate

Mountain Water Decaf

  • Light roast
  • Fair Trade Organic
  • Naturally processed decaffeinated coffee
  • 99% caffeine-free
  • Peruvian
  • Flavour notes: dark fruits, spices

Mexican Light Roast (NovelTea's Signature Light Roast)


  • Single Origin Mexican Bean
  • Light Roast
  • Fair Trade Organic
  • Flavour Notes: brown sugar, milk chocolate
  • Light body, delicate flavour

French Classic Dark Roast - NovelTea's Signature Dark Roast


  • Blend of Brazilian, Colombian, Guatemalan
  • Dark, deep, smokey flavour
  • Flavour Notes: smoky, roasted nuts, full body
  • Fair Trade Equitable