Mermaid and Penguin Song Art Print by Rebecca Hill 8x10


Can a mermaid meet a penguin?

"I was told by an 8 year old that this isn’t possible because this mermaid looks like she belongs in a warmer climate. I can’t argue with that!

This piece is a love affair full of sunset colours and sweetness. It’s a rebellion against safe, sensible subjects and the first piece where I fully listened to my 8-year-old self.

I hope it inspires you to listen to your playful side and own what you love even if others find it uncool." Rebecca Hill

8x10 print on 80lb paper with satin gloss finish.

About the Artist:

"I’m Becca!

Artist, Designer, brand consultant and tea drinker.

My favourite thing is finding joy and beauty in the small things around us.

As a qualified and experienced graphic designer, I’m drawn to the fascination of digital art, but I also enjoy the flow of painting by hand or using crayons to create fine art. I’m always exploring and discovering new dimensions to my artistic outlook on life. I enjoy revealing the childlike wonder this world invokes in me on a daily basis."