Kingfisher Adult Perched on Live Edge Log


Large steely blue and white glass bird with an extra long beak. Fisher birds!


Belted Kingfisher (Megaceryle alcyon). These are the birds we see here in Nova Scotia on the power lines by the ocean, hunting for fish. The chestnut markings on the chest indicate female plumage.

The birds are made from high quality, coloured, hand-cut fused glass!  No Paints, Glazes or Molds are used in production, so they won't fade over time! The Kingfisher is detachable from the driftwood which makes it even easier for you to gift wrap and mail (assuming you decide not to keep her for yourself)!

  • Blue, White and Rust coloured glass Kingfisher with a perch
  • Artisan Studio-Glass, Handcrafted in Nova Scotia (no paints, glazes or molds)
  • Ships within a few business days
  • Bird perches on driftwood
  • Size Approximately 4.5 " from beak to tail
  • The pictures are for guidance only, though your bird will look very similar.
  • Please expect minor variations in tone and shade due to the handcrafted and whimsical nature of the work.
  • The direction the bird faces will vary randomly
  • The birds are created using successive layering of glass, so the detail is best seen from the front.

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      About the Artist: