Kaweco LILIPUT Ball Pen with Cap Stainless Steel (1.0mm medium)


Our Minimalist ball pen with cap made from stainless steel.

The Liliput ball pen with cap made from stainless steel is sturdy and elegant. The material is very resistant and does not change with use. The pen has a considerable weight for the small size.

This ball pen has the same look of a fountain pen when it's closed. It fits perfectly into any pocket and grows to a regular size as soon as you attach the cap onto the barrel. By doing this, it has a perfect shape for writing.

It only measures 9.7 cm when closed, just 8.7 cm when opened, and 12.5 cm when the cap is attached to the barrel.

As a standard, the pen includes a blue 1.0 mm refill. Our normed refills are available in black and blue.

Suitable for the pen we offer great leather cases to protect the pen on the go.

Material Colour: Silver
Writing System: Ball Pen
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 22 g
Length opened: 12,6 cm
Length closed: 9,7 cm
Writing colour: Blue
Refill type: D1 Ballpoint - 1.0 mm (Medium)