Iced Tea Mixer Kit - Citrus Tango Herbal NovelTEA


Mix your own iced tea! Start with our Citrus Tango Herbal Tea, add a little lime, or add a little lemon, or add a little strawberry, or go crazy and add all three! Enjoy your herbal iced fruit tea any way you like!

Glass bottle with lid 
17 gms dehydrated orange pieces
21 gms dehydrated grapefruit pieces
17 gms dehydrated lemon pieces
26 gms very citrus tango herbal tea

Iced Tea Instructions:
1. Add one tablespoon of tea to a steeperor tea bag with 200ml of boiling water.
2. Steep for recommended time on bag.
3. Optional: add sweetener of your choicewhen tea is done steeping.
4. Fill a glass or mason jar to the top with ice.
5. Pour the hot tea on the ice and stir.
6. Enjoy!