ICED TEA BLEND - Raspberry Lemonade Herbal NovelTEA


Naturally caffeine free and great for kids!

Iced Tea Instructions:
1. In a steeper or tea bag, add one tablespoon of tea and included dried fruit of your choice.
2. Add 200ml of boiling water.
3. Steep for recommended time on bag.
4. Optional: add sweetener when tea is done steeping.
5. Fill the bottle included in this box to the top with ice.
6. Pour the hot tea on the ice and stir.
7. Enjoy!

HERBAL raspberry loose lead tea with hints of apple and lemon. Tastes like summertime in the Maritimes! 

Ingredients:  Apple, Raspberry Pieces, Hibiscus Petals, Rosehip, Lemon peel, Strawberry Leaves, Camomile, Cornflower Petals, Natural flavours
Ingrédients:Pomme, Hibiscus, Morceaux de Framboise, Rose Musquée, Zeste de Citron, Feuilles de Fraisier, Camomille, Pétales de Bleuet, Arômes Naturels


Proudly blended and packaged in Truro, Nova Scotia.
Iced Tea Blend Collection