How to Draw Incredible Sharks and Other Ocean Giants



This drawing book for kids has more than 80 creatures of the sea to learn how to draw!
Build confidence, encourage creativity, and expand artistic skills with this amazing collection of easy, step-by-step instructions for drawing sharks and underwater creatures! Encourage kids to broaden their artistic horizons and set them smooth sailing towards tackling fins, gills, tails, and other fishy anatomy. The impressive variety from stingrays and orca whales, to sea turtles and squids in this learn to draw provides hours of independent, artistic fun for kids to enjoy and gain confidence as their skills improve.
Whether they love the secrets hidden away in the depths of the ocean or visiting aquariums, this collection is a hit for fans of all aquatic animals - so grab some colored pencils and get creative!
This guide features:
- 100 sharks and aquatic animal drawing projects
- Easy to follow directions
- Hours of creative, screen-free fun

What parents and educators are saying:
- This drawing book has captivated my younger and older children, as well as friends who see them drawing. If you have a young artist that loves the ocean, this is a must-have. I have witnessed an ADHD child stop acting up and trying to draw for a couple of hours from the step-by-step process in this book. The steps are easy to follow, and the end result looks great.
- Bought for a 10-year-old into drawing. He made an amazing shark within 1 hour of looking through it and using it. He was impressed with himself, and I was super impressed! Solid book.
- My grandson is having an artistic explosion while he's staying home with just his mother and father. This book, and others from the series, help focus his intent, develop his skills, and free him to make his creations more complex and imaginative. He's five.
- My grandson loved the drawing instructions for the sharks and sea creatures. He's started making his own drawings in his own books!