Hario Cafe Press 600ML



HARIO makes functional coffee brewing equipment, and the Cafe Press U is no exception.

Available in 300ml or 600ml capacity, choose the size that it right for you to make tea or coffee in this French Press style plunger. The polypropylene outer ensures protection against heat - simply add tea leaves or coarsely ground coffee to the bottom, fill with hot water, press down the filter, and serve.

  • COLOUR: Black
  • SIZE/CAPACITY (300ml): ⌀90 x W139 × D93 × H116mm x 300ml
  • WEIGHT (INCL. INDIVIDUAL BOX) (300ml): Approx. 300g
  • SIZE/CAPACITY (600ml): ⌀90 x W139 × D93 × H172mm x 600ml
  • WEIGHT (INCL. INDIVIDUAL BOX) (600ml): Approx. 400g
    • Body: Heatproof Glass
    • Lid/Knob/Holder: Polypropylene
    • Shaft/Filter: Stainless Steel
  • Made in Japan