Floriography Seed Packet - East Coast Foxglove (Intuition)


Hand-drawn and printed on premium cardstock, each seed packet features a to/from and custom message area on the back along with an explanation of the floriography meaning behind the botanical for the perfect thoughtful, all-in-one gift.

Seeds are sourced sustainably from partners in Canada, and all seeds are organic / non-GMO. Packaged in Halifax, NS.

EAST COAST FOXGLOVE // INTUITION Penstemon Digitalis • PERENNIAL Also known as the Beardtongue Foxglove, this flower grows tall stems of white and light pink bell-shaped blossoms. Its nectar-rich flowers attract hummingbirds, butterflies and other pollinators - much like how good intentions attract positive energy and opportunities into our lives. May they inspire you to direct your focus and energy toward a clear goal and manifest it into reality.

Contains: Approximately 20 seeds.

PLEASE NOTE: Seeds cannot ship to the USA from our shop.