Emma Inspired - Raspberry Honey BLACK NOVELTEA


Raspberry & Honey Black Tea inspired by Jane Austen's Emma.

Notes of plump juicy raspberries delicately blended with fresh summer honey. A real standout, this tea is perfect as a warm pick-me-up on a cold morning, or iced on a balmy afternoon. The perfect tea for an afternoon of plump, juicy gossip!

Ingredients:Black Tea, Blackberry Leaves, Camomile + Rose Petals, Raspberry + Strawberry pieces, Natural Flavours

Ingrédients :Thé Noir, Feuilles de Mûre, Pétales de Camomille et de Rose, Morceaux de Framboise + Fraise, Arômes Naturels

Recommended steep time: 5 minutes

Temps d'infusion recommandé: 5 minutes

Mini Sized - 20gms
Full Sized - 63gms
Case of 50 Tiny Teas: BULK ORDERS - Contact us for bulk orders over 50 tiny tea packages (great for wedding favours, gift bags, etc.). Discount available on orders over 50 or more of the same flavour.

Proudly blended and packaged in Truro, Nova Scotia
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