Emma Inspired - Raspberry Honey BLACK NOVELTEA


Raspberry & Honey Black Tea inspired by Jane Austen's Emma.

Notes of plump juicy raspberries delicately blended with fresh summer honey. A real standout, this tea is perfect as a warm pick-me-up on a cold morning, or iced on a balmy afternoon. The perfect tea for an afternoon of plump, juicy gossip!

Ingredients:Black Tea, Blackberry Leaves, Camomile + Rose Petals, Raspberry + Strawberry pieces, Natural Flavours

Ingrédients :Thé Noir, Feuilles de Mûre, Pétales de Camomille et de Rose, Morceaux de Framboise + Fraise, Arômes Naturels

Recommended steep time: 5 minutes Temps d'infusion recommandé: 5 minutes

Mini Sized - 20gms
Full Sized - 63gms

Case of 50 Tiny Teas: BULK ORDERS - Contact us for bulk orders over 50 tiny tea packages (great for wedding favours, gift bags, etc.). Orders over 50 or more of the same flavour will have a discounted price.

Lit Lovers Black Label Collection

Proudly blended and packaged in Truro, Nova Scotia.