J. Herbin Ink Cartridge Cleaning Solution cartridges


J. Herbin fountain pen cleaning solution supplied as a tin of 6 cartridges. Suitable for any pens that use standard international cartridges. Fit a cleaning cartridge as you would an ink cartridge, and squeeze the cartridge repeatedly to flush the cleaning fluid through the pen's feed. Follow up by flushing through with water - either use a converter, or use the now empty cleaning cartridge again.

Cartridge tin matches the style of the ink cartridge tins.

About Herbin:

The oldest name in ink production worldwide, J. Herbin was established in 1670 creating inks and sealing waxes for many famous French figures including King Louis XIV (The Sun King) and Victor Hugo (author of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and "Les Miserables").

While they are most famous for the quality of their inks, J. Herbin also offer a range of pens and accessories, including some unusual rollerballs that use fountain pen ink, and traditional blotting paper.