Scary Pumpkin Paper 3D Model

$18.50 $35.95

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Measures aprox. 9 inches long and high

Contains cardstock template for you to make this cute pumpkin. YOu can add a black mouth cut-out of your choice perhaps!

With this purchase you will be shipped a kit that contains instructions and the template (pattern) to make the 3D paper model papercraft seen in picture.

All you will need to do once you receive your template in the mail is cut, score, and assemble!

Have fun making stuff…you`ll feel happy and live longer!

About the Maker:
"I started sewing when my mother showed me how to fix a pair of jeans that I really liked. I took to it and started making all sorts of things. It turns out that 'making' is what makes me. 
In sum, I am an ex ski racer, tree lover, pysch major, wanderer, full time maker, sober life liver, luckiest 2 times mom and devoted (scratch that) happy wife. A self taught graphic/pattern/industrial designer who believes that curiosity is at the essence of what makes us better in all aspects of our lives. In 2018 (at nearly 50), after 16 plus years working in higher Education, I made the jump to follow my passion and became Sofs Designs full time!

The 'Sofs' part is my alter ego and emerged from a mixture of the need to create and the pleasure of making stuff. Sofs is a wanderer who believes that making is empowering and in turn, loves to empower herself and others while on journey. You can find the evolution of our adventure in images if you keep scrolling down.
I am constantly and actively searching for new ways to have people engage in 'making' their own and then sharing the joy and passion that results from it. AND this also means that when you buy stuff from makers (like me), you help people that are passionate about 'making', live a life that is fulfilling. That's huge! Thank you."

​Sophie Marcoux (aka Sofs)