Classic Mug by Tvorit


Tvorit creations are sustainably made in Mi'kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq.

About Tvorit:

"Dessiner - “to draw” in French has been our go-to word ever since we could speak. We find comfort and poetry in creating with nature. Lush flora, salty water, pink clouds and vibrant green seaweeds are now home. We didn’t grow up by the ocean, which has now become an essential element to our creativity. Have you ever closed your eyelids and felt your heartbeat aligning with the turbulent waves or the calm water? Have you then noticed your muscles drawing a smile on your cheeks too?

Créer - “творить” in Russian - pronounced tvorit in English - means “to create”. We think of creating as dancing with the hands and believe that this choreography shouldn’t harm nature, but celebrate her with every step we take. To that extent, we follow circular economy principles as much as our craft allows, from the production of the pieces to the packaging and delivering of them into your hands.

Nature holds raw beauty in her most naked form. We believe that what came from her should return to her without altering her in destructive ways. Our relationship to nature and all living entities that populate her is important to us. We feel connected to all beings - the moon, the sun, the Earth, the water, the trees, fellow animals and the clay. We choose to refer to them honouring animacy - the state of being alive. She, he, they remind(s) us that we are not alone.

Our sustainable approach to creating means that we also stand by a slow and conscious production pace. In doing so we ensure that not only our selection of material, small batch production, and distribution are durable, but that our working conditions meet the same principle. Every piece is one of a kind. From our hands to yours. We work with Canadian suppliers for our raw materials: recycled paper, clay, glazes and organic fabric.

The creations and visual content are shaped by one person - Amandine Quoilin.

We are always happy to chat should you have any questions or concerns - head over to our contact page!"



Thank you

Amandine Quoilin