Clairefontaine 360 Graf/book Sketch 45lb Paper


A unique feature is the book’s exposed spine thread knots, which look very much like the ancient Coptic hand-stitching technique.

Coptic technique allows any page spread to be opened flat and fully. 

The Graf'Book 360° features 100 blank sheets of 100g Clairefontaine paper, perfectly smooth and extra white. 

Excellent for drawing, sketching, writing, and more. 

The sewn spine enhances the look and ensures the Graf'Book 360°will lay completely flat.

The acid-free blank drawing paper with an ultra-smooth surface for drawing, sketching or writing resists feathering and bleed-through. It’s ideal for pens, pencils, and markers. 

Clairfontaine is a French paper maker that produces high-quality stationery, art, and craft supplies. They have been producing paper in the Meurthe valley since 1858.