Cats are A**holes Colouring Book


Grab the colored pencils and take a break from cleaning up your cat's latest redecorating rampage to appreciate the bizarre-but-rewarding adventure of being a cat owner with Caitlin Peterson's coloring book Cats Are A**holes .

Color your cat unimpressed

Life with cats is never boring! From everyday mischief to absolute mayhem, these furry little jerks keep their owners and the millions of cat-video addicts on their toes. With Cats are A**holes, you can relive the laughter and trauma of every unanticipated pounce, usurped piece of furniture, and beloved-possession-turned-scratching post - or just enjoy a little schadenfreude - while you color your cares away.

- Revel in 38 pages of all-too-relatable bad cat behavior
- Color your way to calm acceptance while your cat throws up in your shoes - again
- Create vibrant tributes to these clever, quirky, and commanding creatures (just as they would want)
- Tear out and share your feline-centric masterpieces with your fellow cat lovers

Contributor Bio

CAITLIN PETERSON is the creative visionary behind a variety of humorous coloring books, including, Too Glam to Give a Damn, Cheer the F*ck Up, You Are a F*cking Badass, and Too Late for Coffee, Too Early for Wine.