BREMEN Electric Burr Grinder


Enjoy Rich, Full-Flavoured Coffee with the BREMEN Burr Electric Coffee Grinder!

The GROSCHE BREMEN Burr Electric Burr Coffee Grinder is our premium coffee grinder for every day use. It crushes beans effortlessly between the double burrs rather than being sliced by blades, and it’s precise. The 20 grind settings ensures that every grind is exactly what you want, whether that’s more coarse for French press coffee (coarse grind) or espresso (super fine grind). Enjoy the aroma and flavour of fresh grounds with the GROSCHE BREMEN Burr coffee grinder.

Premium Features For Better Tasting Coffee!

Every barista will tell you fresh is best, and the GROSCHE BREMEN Burr has everything you need to make fresh grounds for precise, full bodied coffee! It features conical burrs that have proven to grind coffee beans to a more uniform size than blade grinders.The GROSCHE BREMEN Burr also gives you somewhere to store your grounds. The large storage container is removable and can hold up to 12 cups of coffee grounds. This powerful burr coffee grinder also features an ultra high efficiency motor that won’t scorch your beans and non-slip rubber feet.


Fresh Coffee Whenever You Want

With the GROSCHE BREMEN Burr Electric Coffee Grinder, it takes 30 seconds or less to grind coffee and gives you the perfect space to store any leftover grounds. It’s much faster and more convenient than a manual grinder and provides more of a consistent grind.

Burr Grinder vs. Blade? What’s the Best Coffee Grinder?

We highly recommend using a burr grinder since they provide a much more even grind size, which makes for good coffee. More consistent sizes in the grind will always give you better control of the flavour extraction from your coffee maker. Whether you are using a pour over, french press, cold brew, or drip method for making your coffee, burr is the best.

20 Grind Settings to Customize Your Brew Experience

The BREMEN Electric Burr Grinder is programmed with 20 different grind settings to completely customize your grind size for your coffee maker. The lower the number, the finer the coffee grind will be for drip coffee makers and espresso makers. The higher the number, the coarser the grind will be for French presses and pour over coffee makers. Simply spin the hopper until the number you want lines up with the arrow at the front of the grinder.