Anne of Green Gables Colouring Book


9x12 - Acorn Press

It was a mistake, but a wonderful mistake--maybe the best mistake ever made. When Matthew Cuthber arrived at the Bright River Railway Station in his buggy, he thought he was going to collect a sturdy orphan boy to help with the chores on Green Gables Farm. Instead, he found a freckled, red-haired girl named Anne.

Too shy to admit to the mistake, Matthew took Anne to the farm. Anne was enchanted by the lovely countryside along the way and felt sure she had come home--even when she arrived at Green Gables and met Matthew?s stern sister, Marilla. But the young orphan girl was able to soften even Marilla?s heart and Marilla decided that Anne could stay, allowing for many years of adventures, friendship and love at Green Gables farm.

Follow Anne?s journey from childhood to adulthood in this wonderful colouring book. Hitting on many of the major milestones in Anne?s life, this colouring classic will be sure to delight Anne lovers of all ages.