Anchored Coffee - Dream Weaver/Uganda


Roasted in Dartmouth, NS

Tasting Notes: Honey, Berries, Citrus

A naturally processed single-origin coffee that weaves adventure, uniqueness, and personality into every sip.

The Bean:

Origin: Uganda
Region: Kapchorwa - Mt. Elgon
Method: Natural
Producer: Gamatui Community - Processed by the Sipi Falls Washing Station
Varietal: Bourbon
Elevation: 1800-2000 masl


Natural processed coffee in Uganda is often considered some of the lowest grade coffee roasters can purchase. This grade of coffee, called DRUGAR (Dried Ugandan Arabica), is often strip picked- (mostly under-ripe) and dried on tarps on the ground. In 2015, Kawacom in Uganda set out to change what DRUGAR could be. They started with better picking and sorting practices. This was only the start and had to be combined with an immense investment into an infrastructure for meticulous drying and storage. With these two measures the natural processed lots coming from Kawacom, in partnership with the communities around them, are redefining not just what natural processed coffees from Uganda are, but re-defining the coffee from Uganda as a whole.

FIGUREHEAD Medium Roast: A drip coffee dream bean. Lighthearted yet grounded, this blend offers up high levels of crush-ability. Beautifully balanced and low in acidity, Figurehead is the coffee your coffee wants to drink. 340 gm bag, whole bean.

ALTITUDE: 1150 - 1700 MASL