How did you learn about the subject of your work & what made you decide to write about it? I felt compelled to write about this heartbreaking story after sitting in the Bridgewater Supreme Court in January 2009 and hearing Penny Boudreau admit she murdered her only child. As an employee of the Department of Justice and mother of 3, I felt sick to my stomach and wanted to dedicate a book to her victim, an innocent 12–year-old child.

How long have you been working on (writing/researching) your newest book? It took me 3 years to do more than 25 interviews and research the police technique known as Mr. Big operation and one year to write it.

What are some of your favourite books/authors now? I find true stories the most fascinating - loved Alexa! by Stephen Kimber as well as thrillers James Patterson.

What is a book that you think is underread/ underappreciated? Run, Hide, Repeat by Pauline Daikin.

When did you start writing? I worked as a staff writer in 1985 at Maclean’s magazine in Toronto.

What is the best and/or worst writing advice you’ve ever gotten? Best is to absorb every detail and color so you can describe a scene for a reader and make them feel they are there. Worst writing advice … throw out drafts and start again.

Any plans for the next book? Likely continue in the true crime vein.

Tea or coffee? Coffee…two a morning.

January 15, 2024 — Vonda Hazzard

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