Why Go Big When You Can Go Home Retro Keychain


Why go big when you can go home?

Inspired by the minimal and classic design of vintage hotel / motel key tags from the 1950’s. 

Treat yourself or grab one for a friend; they make the cutest little gift!

product details:
+ white imprint on a yellow tag
+ durable plastic tag
+ measures 3.5″ x 1.75″
+ comes with a 1" nickel keyring
+ each tag is hand printed, so there may be variations in the tags

DISCLAIMER: the ‘drop in any mailbox’ circle logo on the bottom of each key tag is purely for aesthetic purposes. this was kept in the design to mimic the feel of the key tags they were inspired by. this is not a service that we offer or a service that comes with the purchase of this key tag.

About Pixel Paper Hearts:

"Pixel Paper Hearts started as a creative outlet tag teamed by a sister / brother duo - Charisse de Leon and Wayne Reyes. Their love affair for all things design sprung out of Room 113 - their high school graphic arts classroom. it was in that room where they first learned to cut rubylith, used a printing press, exposed a silk screen and of course, met Adobe.

Pixel Paper Hearts made its online debut in May 2013 via Etsy as a print shop, with a small collection of 13 wall prints which illustrated modern typography designs and words that motivated, inspired & warmed hearts. Since then, Pixel Paper Hearts graduated from their humble beginnings to a full fledged graphic design umbrella fabricating custom designs, witty social stationery and other modern goods.

Today, Wayne is a registered nurse working full-time in downtown Toronto. Pixel Paper Hearts operates solely under Charisse’s creative direction.

Charisse is a creator, self-taught graphic designer, entrepreneur and the wearer of all hats for Pixel Paper Hearts. Fuelled by a love for coffee and currently calling Milton, Ontario home with her chef husband (super glam), they spend a great chunk of their lives rooting for their two babes on the ball diamond."