Sissiboo Night Owl - Espresso Roast 454gm


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Roasted in Bear River, NS.


(ESPRESSO) SUMATRAN, Mandehling "Tunas Indah"

In the words of the night owl, “not everybody sleeps at night. It’s not strange, just different.” Whether you are all alone on a graveyard shift, have a few more miles to travel, or if the solace of a full moon just brings out your genius, the sweet smoothness will let you soar with grace.”

Sweet and smooth body. Think Bourbon, spring earth and cinnamon.

About Sissiboo:

"Roasting since 2009, we now have a small but mighty team of dedicated coffee aficionados. Our commitment to roasting you a superb cup of coffee is an expression of deep respect for our producers and clients. It acknowledges that a bridge can exist between the rural economies of coffee farmers around the world and those of rural Canada."