Seahorse Sticker*


These stickers feature an original sea glass design made into a very high quality die cut sticker. Their colours are vibrant and they are waterproof! 

Each sticker is coated with a thick, durable vinyl that protects them from scratches, water and sunlight!

PLEASE NOTE that there is NO ACTUAL DES GLASS on this sticker. It is a reproduction of the original sea glass art. 

The Seahorse is approximately 50mm x 76mm 

All imagines are fully protected by copyright

2017 Brin d'Ocean Sea Glass Creations

Sarah Vanderlinden

Owner and Artist

"Artist, wife and proud mom of 3 beautiful children, I am passionate by art in any form. I always loved anything to do with creating but never thought I would find my passion with sea glass until summer 2016 when I discovered it's beauty while visiting family in Cape Breton, NS. Let's just say I was instantly hooked! I absolutely love everything about sea glass. Each piece is completely unique and I love the mystery behind every piece. Spending time combing the beautiful coastlines finding these amazing little treasures brings great joy to me.

I started my sea glass adventure creating sea glass jewelry mainly, as well as the occasional framed art but then I discovered the endless possibility behind creating cards and calendars that allows me to create unique designs using all my beautiful (and for some, very rare) sea glass colours while never have to part with them and still be able to bring joy to those who choose to purchase them. 
I love the idea that a design I created using my treasured sea glass might end up in someone's mailbox and bring a smile to them. Nothing better than a personal handwritten note!

Nova Scotia's beaches are full of treasures that I would love to share with you! "