Rise Up Feminist Button Set


The perfect way to make a statement, celebrate femininity, and resist misogyny: these items not only show support, they benefit Planned Parenthood. Wear them to a Women's March or day to day to show your support and that you're a proud feminist.

These cute but powerful feminist buttons and magnets feature some well known feminist quotes and sentiments to inspire you and all who see them.
*More cats. Less catcalls.
*Feminism. n. The radical notion that women are people.
*Women's rights are human rights
*(resist fist)
*to those accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression

Specs & Physical Details
Buttons measure 3.175cm (1.25") in diameter (from edge to edge).

The designs are protected by a thin, but resilient mylar layer which makes them water resistant. They can be readily cleaned with a damp cloth as needed. They are not waterproof (though personal experience has shown them to survive an accidental cycle through the washing machine...oops.)


Items are packaged in a resealable bag that has an information card as a backing. This card includes information about the cause the items support - making these perfect gifts.

Tips and Tidbits

If putting a button on a bag for long term use, consider putting a glob of hot glue on the clasp. This will make it even less likely for the button to be lost as the pin won't be able to leave its cradle!