"Pink Lady Slippers" - Kalen Roblee Art Print


An 8×10″ print reproduction of "Pink Lady Slippers"

Printed on high quality, acid-free paper with matte finish.

High quality print reproduction of "Pink Lady Slippers" Ink and watercolour illustration of two pink lady slipper orchids growing from the cracks of a mossy log Tree rings were hand pressed from a black locust sample from Queens County Nova Scotia.

About the Artist

Kalen is an artist based in North Queens, Nova Scotia. She creates hand-pressed tree ring relief prints using the cross section of a tree from the Wabanaki-Acadian forest to reveal the unique patterns created by the annual growth rings.

Kalen adds ink and watercolour illustrations to the tree ring prints to create scenes inspired by the symbiotic relationships and natural structures in nature creating an artistic collaboration between herself and nature.

All wood samples used are sustainably collected from already fallen trees from around the province.