Mushroom Suncatcher Vinyl Window/Mirror Cling


These cute little mushrooms will project rainbows on the walls of your home when hit with direct sunlight. They are made from vinyl and apply with water and static cling They are safe for rentals and are easy to move around as the sun's direction changes.

Application instructions are included. The metallic copper colour goes perfectly with any decor - from boho to classic. It's neutral enough to match anything, but beautiful enough to stand out. 


West-facing windows = evening rainbows

East-facing windows = morning rainbows

South-facing windows = mid-day rainbows

North-facing windows = not recommended

Made in Nova Scotia


Prismatic Kitty started as a small crafting hobby with the purpose of bringing joy to those stuck at home. Their suncatcher stickers reflect stunning rainbows into the home when hit with direct light - instant happiness!