Love Yourself Vinyl Window/Mirror Cling


Use this mirror decal as a daily reminder to love yourself.

Place it on your bathroom or vanity mirror so you see it everyday! Repeat it day after day after day. This mirror cling is reusable, removable and washable. It applies with static cling so there are no adhesives - making this the perfect gift for someone in a dorm, rental apartment, or just indecisive people.

The decal is 14cm wide and 7.8cm high.

It looks great on any shape of mirror, and in any spot of the mirror. If your decal stops sticking to your mirror, gently wash it in soapy water.

Made in Nova Scotia


Prismatic Kitty started as a small crafting hobby with the purpose of bringing joy to those stuck at home. Their suncatcher stickers reflect stunning rainbows into the home when hit with direct light - instant happiness!