Kaweco FROSTED SPORT Ball Pen Sweet Banana

Maker Kaweco

A smooth writing pocket ball pen in fresh and fruity colours made from high-quality plastic.

Inspiring, cheerful and stimulating - this is how the colour yellow affects the spirit of us humans - the best prerequisites for what a pen should offer. The ball pen in the colour Sweet Banana comes in a soft, unobtrusive yellow tone, the perfect vessel to capture your ideas in the form of notes.

The writing instruments of the Frosted Sport series come in fresh, pastel colours and are characterized by a slightly opaque, milky plastic surface. This series gives the classic Kaweco Sport a completely modern touch. Matching the cool shades, the elements were kept in silver, like the logo cap. It has a length of 10.5 cm and works with a high-quality heart-curve mechanism. It works particularly precise and does not click when the push button is pressed.

The pen is almost completely manufactured and assembled in Germany, only the high-quality and precise mechanics are imported from Japan.

We offer leather pouches Kawecos, they protect the pens from getting scratched while on the go, or during transport in your pocket or bag. 

Writing System: Ball Pen
Material: Plastic
Colour: Yellow
Length: 10,5 cm

12 g