Happy Flower Mini Vinyl Sticker


A motivational mini sticker to remind you that it is going to be fine like it always has been.

  • Weatherproof / waterproof sticker
  • Size: 1.15 x 1.77 inches
  • Text: "It's all good"
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Scratch resistant

About Foonie

"Hello I’m Saya, the designer and the big scary BOSS of studio foonie (also the sole scared employee). I make dreamy, whimsical cards and stickers.

I’m originally from Japan and I’ve lived in Canada for almost a decade. In 2020, I founded foonie in Vancouver BC with just three greeting card designs for the local communities of the Fraser Valley. Now, foonie’s products are gifted and loved by thousands of stationery lovers across Canada each year! I'm now running the studio from Montreal, QC. 

I find it healing to express delicate, genuine feelings through small illustrations, and I hope people can relate and find a little joy in what they see. Greeting cards encourage us to exchange these feelings among loved ones, while stickers affirm self love. I think that’s why I love producing them."