Even More Feelings & Me (8 Book Set)


Discover new feelings with Even More Feelings and Me ! Social-emotional learning helps children build confidence, talk about their feelings, and resolve conflicts. With this set, companion to the original

My Feelings and Me Book Set , kids will learn new feelings, meet more friendly characters, and learn how to decipher emotions when they're just not sure how they feel. And since there are no bad feelings, there's no bad place to start!

This set explores Belonging, Embarrassment, Excitement, Frustration, Jealousy, Feeling Overwhelmed, Wonder, and How to Decipher Emotions. Friendly characters introduce each feeling with kindness.

Boxed sets of 8 softcover books. Each book has 24 pages.

Books measures 6'' square. Sturdy, colorful storage case keeps books safe and organized.

Storage cases measure 6.25'' wide x 6.25'' high x 1.4'' deep. Ages 4 and up.