Corner Bookstore Rolife DIY Miniature House Kit


Dimensions: 9.8 x 6.5 x 7 inches Item

Weight: 2.44 pounds

Rolife Corner Bookstore shows an outdoor scene of a used bookshop in a small alley corner. Its unique style makes you feel like you're in a literary-filled town. Famous for its long history and many used books, it's a special spot in the local area.

The book area offers a variety of books for different readers. 

Next to the main entrance, there's a window displaying carefully chosen books and antiques collected by the owner, giving you a peek into the store's history.

Moving to the side, the owner creatively used every space, adding plants and classical statues, creating a strong artistic atmosphere.

These decorations not only make the store more attractive but also give you a pleasant place to read in this charming bookstore. Rolife Corner Bookstore's design perfectly captures the feel of an outdoor bookstore, giving book lovers a chance to experience outdoor reading again.