Ballpen Black (Medium 1.0) Kaweco Student


Nostalgic ball pen in black with silver details made of high-quality resin.

All black everything - the nostalgic Student fountain pen in black performs brilliantly in any situation. The colour can be combined elegantly and classically with various notebooks, papers and other accessories.

The student ballpoint pen with its curved pen body made of high-quality resin guarantees a haptic and visual writing pleasure.

Every standardized G2 mine fits into the student ballpoint pen. As standard, the model comes with a 1. 0 mm thick blue mine.

If desired, there are suitable accessories for the ball pen, such as pouches and refill mines in the assortment.

Colour: Black
Writing System: Ball Pen
Material: High-Grade Resin
Weight: 26,6 g
Length: 13 cm