Bagpipes Scottish Instrument Clear Sticker


Paper Pattern Silk is a woman owned company in Saint John, New Brunswick. Monica is ​full of enthusiasm for both design and entrepreneurship, she attended the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, graduating from Surface Design in 2010. 

Printed Vinyl Sticker featuring original illustration of Scottish Bagpipes.

⦁ High Quality Professionally Printed in Canada

⦁ Waterproof, weatherproof, dishwasher safe.

⦁ Can be used outdoors.

⦁ Can be removed & residue easily cleaned up with hand sanitizer.

⦁ This design is a special collaboration with my partner, Fantastico Art. His specialty is making fun adventurous characters, space art, and Canadiana. All artwork is copyright Fantastico Art, please do not use without consent. 

Size: 2.25x3"