Butterfly Suncatcher Vinyl Window/Mirror Cling


Place this butterfly on any bright window and watch as the rainbows shine in throughout the day. The copper colour of this window decal means it will go with any decor. The metallic sheen gives it a more glamourous look while the neutral tone blends perfectly with any boho bedroom, living room or nursery. Not only does this suncatcher shine magical rainbows into your home, but it also acts as an alert to birds who may be trying to fly through your clean windows! Plus, how cute would it look next to your houseplant collection?? To apply, just spray your window with water, remove the backing of the decal, and stick! There are no adhesives so it can be easily removed and resticked, making it perfect for renters or dorm rooms.

West-facing windows = evening rainbows

East-facing windows = morning rainbows

South-facing windows = mid-day rainbows

North-facing windows = not recommended

Made in Nova Scotia


Prismatic Kitty started as a small crafting hobby with the purpose of bringing joy to those stuck at home. Their suncatcher stickers reflect stunning rainbows into the home when hit with direct light - instant happiness!