All Natural Room and Linen Spray


Brighten the scent of your linens or refresh the air in any room with our Linen & Room Sprays.

115 ml

Lavender: notes of lavender and bergamot essential oils

Hygge: notes of red currant and thyme

Boreal: notes of birch, vetiver, sandalwood, and white geraniums

The Gentleman: notes of coriander, clove, tobacco leaf, leather and toasted oak 

About the Maker:

Pam Morales has been a creator for well over a decade. After exploring many different mediums, Pam's passion now lies in creating self-care products to nourish the body and promote wellness for the mind. Apt. 6 was born from creating products for her daughter who struggles with severe anxiety. She found using essential oils and healing gemstones in her therapy had a very positive effect on her. All Apt. 6 products are made from natural, safe, and non-toxic ingredients, which makes them suitable for people of all ages and skin types. Each year, Pam donates a portion of Apt. 6 sales to non-profit organizations that focus on child and youth mental health and wellness.